real estate. different.

artivis operates in a discreet and requirement-orientated way.

Customised services in the field of real estate – that is our business. Your success and visions are always the focal point. Our small but excellent, competent and entrepreneurial team ensures discretion and quality at all times.

artivis’ thinking is integrated and independent.

And without losing sight of the smallest details. We are always loyal, committed, individual and independent. As a personality and team player, you are always central to this, for it is mutual trust that drives the best performance.

artivis acts flexibly and without limits.

artivis is at home throughout Switzerland and finds the optimum solution for you at all times and anywhere. The tried-and-tested alone is not sufficient for us, and we always tread new paths – because only the best counts. In short: real estate is our passion.

Success with character and personality.

artivis brings together proven expertise and professional engagement to your advantage. This includes a modern infrastructure, cooperation with dynamic partners, and flexible, open and professional thinking.

  • It is always the people behind a project who are decisive for its success.
  • Clear and honest dialogue with customers requires internal transparency and ensures discretion externally.
  • Expertise and sustained market experience help to make individual real estate interests successful.
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Karin Aeberhard


"Discretion is the basis of trustworthy cooperation."

A high degree of competence thanks to a large network.

The interdisciplinary team at artivis stands for proven expertise and the greatest application in all areas of the real estate sector, which works to your advantage at all times. Cooperation with dynamic specialists is active, professional and discreet.